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What makes AquaFit Swim Spas the best?

1. The frame is made of 1.5" to 2" heavy duty tube steel for better support and structural integrity of the shell. Unlike a wood framed swim spas, the steel frame keeps the shell from stressing and flexing under the 
tremendous load of thousand of pounds of water weight.

2. Second the DuraTex shell is the only swim spa shell designed to be
sunshine proof against cracks and blisters. If you own an acrylic swim spa it’s important to monitor the shell surface in the hot summer sun or you could end up with cracks or blisters in the acrylic shell, on the other hand you can use your AquaFit Swim Spa with the DuraTex Shell like a swimming pool in the summer, leaving it open all day long in the hot summer sun with no worries.

3. Open exercise floor space, the Aquatic Fitness Systems with the steel

frame and DuraTex shell doesn't need benches or steps in the exercise area to make the shell less flexible, that means more open area to exercise.

4. Full foam insulation is an important factor in a swim spa, it adds more

structural integrity and reduced energy consumption; Aquafit Swim Spas are among the most energy efficient swim spas built.

5. The included UltraPure Water Management System 
reduces pool
chemicals and pool maintenance so you can relax and enjoy your new swim spa.

6. Finally the depth of your swim spa is very important, for the full benefit 
of the warm water therapy you should buy a swim spa no shallower than 52". AquaFit builds swim spas up to 62” deep for the serious swimmer.

Enjoy the benefits of your new Aquatic Fitness System in the hot summer sun
and cold winter snow from Northwest Spa & Pool in Spokane.

AquaFit Swim Spas

AquaFit Sport 13'

AquaFit Play 16'

Swim Spas for sale in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, AquaFit 16' Spokane
Size: W 90" x L 192" x H 52"
UltraPure Water Management
4 or (6) high-volume swim jets
2 or (3) 5hp Pumps

14 hydrotherapy jets
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AquaFit Pro 19'
Swim Spa sales and service Spokane and Coeur d'Alene, AquaFit 19' swim spa.

AquaFit Plus 19'

Swim Spa hot tub sale in Spokane, AquaFit 19' Coeur d'Alene.
Size: W 90" x L 228" x H 52"
UltraPure Water Management
4 or (6) high-volume swim jets
2 or (3) 5hp Pumps

17 hydrotherapy jets
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